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What is the Refactorer Project

As a complete ecosystem consisting of four blockchains and two tokens (RFT, RFC), the Refactorer Project project is a perfect combination of Defi + NFT mode.

The first chain is ERC-20 token (RFT), which is convenient and familiar to all of us, both users and developers. It can be used not only for easy transfer, but also as an exchange for normal trading transactions in the exchange. The key point of which is that users can use RFT for lock-up mining and then obtain asset fragments.

The second chain is asset fragments. It can only be obtained by RFT mining and cannot be freely transferred or trade in the exchange, so it is the intermediate link of the entire platform operation and the only way to synthesize nft assets (ERC-1155 collectible). By the way, if users do not want to synthesize nft assets, they can be directly converted into RFC coins on the platform for retail.

The third chain is ERC-20 token (RFC), which is also the ft token we are familiar with. It is obtained from retail of asset fragments and can be transferred and trade in the exchange normally, facilitating users to quickly obtain mining revenue. Moreover, our platform allows RFC to be quickly swap into RFT, which let users to recycle compound interest mining, saving the steps of going to the exchange to sell, and then buying RFT back here for mining.

The fourth chain is the ERC-1155 token(real NFT asset). In the process of obtaining it, physical asset owners or artists are required to enter their works, upload certificates, and then through smart contracts converted them into ERC-1155 collectible. It is the only digital proof of tangible items, which can be auctioned in our auction module to obtain RFT token revenue, and can also count on this proof to receive the original real assets.

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RFT token specifications

The ERC-20 RFT token was created on the basis of the smart contract of the Binance platform token (BNB), since the latter has proven itself as a reliable, secure and time-tested token that has passed many audits.

Maximum issue: 100 000 000 (one hundred million) tokens.

The way of distribution: Airdrop, Private Sale, Yield Farming, RFC- Swap, NFT-Auction, etc.

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RFC coin specifications

At the moment, the Refactorer Project private blockchain is under development, so the main characteristics of the FNC coin are classified.

Maximum issue: 1,000,000,000 (one billion) coins.

The way of distribution: obtained from retail of asset fragment which is mined by RFT.

Refactorer Project Tokenomics

Refactorer Project Roadmap



Sean Pete

CEO, Co-Founder

15 years experience in operational management, digital technology and finance; Co-Founder of Enuma Technologies.


Richard David

CTO, Co-Founder

Cryptography Research Scientist at UWaterloo; Head of Crypto R&D at Uber; Security Engineering Lead at Google.


Tomer Allen

CFO, Co-Founder

Founding partner of Sparkland Capital; Lead 40+ investments and innovations in blockchain, security and game industry.


Mike Martin

COO, Co-Founder

Investor and ecosystem builder in Silicon Valley; Founder & CEO at Bootup Venture; Stanford Economics and CS.


Talal AI Mohammed

CMO, Co-Founder

Yale MBA; Managerial position at Starr; Member of Mensa International.


Maria Gates

CIO, Co-Founder

15+ years in Customer Service, Sales & Marketing and Project Management. Co-founder of tech & marketing start-ups.